Divined — Book Review

Divined (The Last Oracle #3) by Emily Wibberlydivined

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Favorite Quote:

“You can never be certain you’re making the right choice, and you’re going to have to start making decisions without knowing what will come of them.”

I have mixed feelings about Divined. I really liked certain aspects of the book and the ending did tie everything together really well. Yet I can’t say I was happy with it either. Strangely my biggest problem was one of the biggest strengths of the two previous books. Our protagonist, Clio.I feel as if the Clio from the end of book 2 and the Clio in Divined are not even the same person. This along with a disappointing lack of explanation as to the change. What happened to the character growth we gained in book two? The Clio that makes her own decisions and faces her problems head on? This Clio is dependent on a drug made by a guy she doesn’t know that well, KNOWS THAT IT IS KILLING HER and takes it anyway to avoid dealing with her problems? WTF? Clio treats Ixie like absolute crap because GOD FORBID ANYONE BUT CLIO BE RIGHT. Her treatment and recurrent verbal abuse of Ixie was borderline unacceptable. Cause guess what? You were a raging bitch throughout most of this book Clio. And you know what the best part is? She didn’t even apologize, or admit that what Ixie did was right. She just says a bunch of crap about how Ixie was so rash, and didn’t have any idea what she was doing and how dare she endanger everyone?

Condescending much? It got old, quick. Ixie deserved way better. Yeeeet at least she got a love interest.  Go Ixie.  I’m rooting for you girl.  You’re the best friend a girl could have.

On the flip side, I loved Riece as per usual, he was always so straight forward and didn’t take Clio’s crap-tastic attitude. I still love their romance. It didn’t quite have the same feeling as the other books but I can’t quite put my feeling on why. Now they didn’t have all that many interactions but I guess it just didn’t feel like Clio was as in love with Riece as she was in the previous books. Perhaps it was because of their confession in the last one? I know she can’t be awesome 100% of the time but it just felt like all that she worked through in the second book was for naught. I know that she was unsure of what to do without using her visions but come on. I like her character so much but she was so frustrating. So mixed feelings yes.

Zarae was awesome and Clio’s treatment of her was abysmal as well. Her continued jealousy and acting like she was constantly the enemy was just petty. I thought Clio better than that. Think she got a bit too full of her own virtue in this one for me to stomach well. Derek was barely in this one but we got to see a WHOLE LOT of her two vessels. Ixie and Ashira are just so amazing.  I loved both of their characters SO MUCH.

Ashira. Arghahaha that end. SO PERFECT.

I LOVED the new characters introduced in this book.  Loved loved loved them!  I also really enjoyed the ending and how it all tied together in the end.  The ending was dramatic and really gave off that full circle feeling.  It had such a clean ending that I really enjoyed. It had so many elements that were spectacular.

All in all I absolutely love the Oracle series. While annoyed with Clio in this book I still really enjoyed it, I loved the ending and I loved how the book moved forward. It had a spectacular end to a spectacular series and I am overjoyed that this was such a strong series. Love love love love love it.




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