The Marked Girl — Book Review

The Marked Girl (Marked Girl #1) by Lindsey Klingelemarkedgirl

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

Favorite Quote:

“The only way to decide, in the moment, was to determine which path was the one she could live with the least, and then take the other one.”

I feel like if I hadn’t read as many YA novels as I have, I would have enjoyed this more. A lot of elements in this story are the typical overused ones we see all too often.  The love triangle is of course my usual favorite thing to make me instantly dislike a book and of course the special snowflake syndrome was quite rampant if you can’t tell by the title alone.The beginning felt quite rushed.  Even the book questions on how no one notices all the “wraths” overrunning the city but doesn’t answer it’s own question.  HOW COULD NO ONE POSSIBLY NOTICE in time before the city was teeming with monsters?  How is a whole city’s security that bad?  It felt more like a way to force the plot than a natural sequence of events.  A lot of convenience at work in this novel.

The characters were pretty…standard.

The romance was barely noteworthy.  I felt no spark between Liv and Cedric at all.  Honestly though, I don’t really want them together. We have the lovely love triangle aspect to contend with.  Kat is our lovely second lady.  Well first lady.  Cedric is betrothed to Kat.  A political alliance sure but still something of precedence. When somebody is wearing a ring, I think they deserve the respect of one being faithful, political alliance or no.  Or at least some damn honesty. Am I supposed to root for them when he has no intentions of breaking his betrothal? At least he said as much and told them to keep distance.  Best thing he did in this book. He decided he should do the right thing over what he wants. *le gasp* I doubt it will last.

You know what the best friend Shannon’s advice is on the situation?

“So? So what if he’s getting married at some far-off, future date? He’s clearly into you now.

Lovely. That is absolute crap advice. Which is sad because Shannon even having said this is probably my favorite character.

The romance wasn’t even moving.  Liv is literally the first girl and pretty much ONLY girl Cedric has had contact with that wasn’t Kat or his sister Emme. There is no tension, the romantic scenes they DO have are just rather…awkward. Why do they like each other? Who knows?

Special snowflake alert! Since it is ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE for a YA heroine to just be a normal girl that happens to be in the right place at the right time, we better have a way to tie the two characters together.  Since our lovely hero is from another world, IT JUST SO HAPPENS that the VERY FIRST GIRL and ONLY GIRL he meets in the new world JUST SO HAPPENS to have a !mysterious !unremovable tattoo THAT JUST SO HAPPENS to be EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED to return to their world. *gasp* *shock* *awe*

How convenient.

Now at least she is not the ONLY one with the “tattoo” (one of like…5) it felt once again like a plot device to force them to be together instead of letting Cedric be all “I won’t let you be in danger” noble-like.

This whole novel was convenient.  She JUST SO HAPPENED to see Cedric at the EXACT MUSEUM she was planning to hock his sword to ON JUST THE EXACT DAY she decided to have the appointment. Her foster mom JUST SO HAPPENED to get hospitalized for drinking herself stupid on the EXACT day Cedric breaks into her house OH SO CONVENIENTLY leaving her with no parental figure wondering what she’s doing/where she is going.  Oh wait, her caseworker!  OH WAIT HE HAS THE TATTOO TOO! NO WAY!  HER SIBLINGS DO TOO SO THEY ARE IN DANGER!  NOOO! OH WAIT! Cedric’s sister is potentially evil and forces Liv’s brother through the portal to Caelum! Now Liv HAS TO GO to Caelum too because GOD FORBID they go without her! What would happen to the Romance?!? Everything they did, everything they found, everyone they ran into. So convenient. I know it’s a YA novel but I like a little more depth, more thought into how/why things happen. Each thing just felt more frustrating than the last. Maybe Kat can find someone to fall in love with and/or miraculously decide that what Liv and Cedric have is just so SPECIAL that she doesn’t want to be between them. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

I mean I can’t say it was bad but it was just so…bland. It had no spark for me. We get very little insight into the second world though that could potentially be changed in book two if the end of book one is anything to go on. Cedric is so cookie cutter and bland. I don’t know if I really plan to read the next one. Maybe?  If it’s about Shannon and Merek? Sure.  They were the two best characters in the series.




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