Heartless — Book Review

Heartless by Marissa Meyerheartless

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Favorite Quote:

“It is a dangerous thing to unbelieve something only because it frightens you.”

**SPOILERS AHOY** Because I just couldn’t help it.

Heartless was somehow everything I wanted without even knowing that I wanted it. The characters were absolutely, positively stunning. The homage to the original tale Alice in Wonderland was spectacularly done, the writing was vivid and the FEELS. OH THE FEELS.

This review is hardest to write because while the ending is absolutely perfect and not all that unexpected, it was still the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I wanted to actually happen. As I got invested with the characters and their relationships I began to dread the ending. I even put it down for a few weeks because I didn’t want to be read the downfall that really led into Catherine becoming the Queen of Hearts. I wanted them to stay happy.

The characters really make this novel. Catherine is a strong leading lady. She is torn between her dreams and responsibilities, trying to balance her happiness and not disappoint her family. She is so easy to root for and her journey is…absolutely heart-breaking. She struggles with not wanting the King’s favor and yet seeing no way around it when everyone wants it but her. Her feelings of being trapped and forced into decisions, constantly trying to change her destiny but not knowing how. Maryanne. Oh my Maryanne. My heart absolutely BLEEDS for Maryanne. Just. No words. Well no, I have many words. But I’ll talk about this later. Hatta was SO FREAKING PERFECT. I adored this interpretation of the mad hatter. I hope for a spinoff in this world about Hatta. Because that would make my day.

Then we have Jest. Oh Jest. I totally have a fiance and I still kinda want a Jest of my own. He was witty, mischievous, charming, brave and oh so awesome. He had most of my favorite…no. All of my favorite lines in this book.

“You act as though you know me, but you don’t, not really. You don’t know what I like, or what I want, or what I dream about…”

“You dream about me, if I’m not mistaken.”


“I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

“That’s because it’s most likely a very bad idea.”

Heh. His humor really spoke to me. I loved it all. He wasn’t egotistical, he was sweet and ergh. NEED MORE. I want…a Jest prequel spinoff!! And an afterward Maryanne spinoff. ALL THE SPINOFFS. GIVE THEM ALL TO ME. I can’t keep talking about Jest. I will turn into a pool of tears and blubbering. BECAUSE IT SUCKS SO MUCH. I KNOW WHY SHE DID IT BUT I STILL HATE YOU MARISSA MEYER. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. No. Nonononono JEST NO NO NO. Give him back to me!! Er. Back to Catherine! Yeah. That’s totally what I meant. Totally.

As for the rest of the characters…if I’m being honest I absolutely hated them all. In a….good way? Haha. All the rest of the inhabitants of wonderland where ghastly. (well except Cheshire of course) They were so determined to be blind of anything wrong because GOD FORBID they actually have to DEAL with anything other than their happy pointless lives. They blatantly ignored the obvious, constantly pretended bad things didn’t happen so they could go on blissfully instead of face any difficulty. It was difficult to read but I think it’s so true to wonderland. ESPECIALLY at the end when they tried to say Peter was not guilty because they didn’t want to see anything bad and just wanted to move on and sweep it under the rug like nothing happened. Their relief that it was over and they could move on. SO DISGUSTING. I was right there with Catherine, seeing red and screaming OH HELL NO at my book. I felt quite satisfied for her steamrolling them and meting out her own justice over their idiocy. I felt literally sick reading about the bumbling King most of the time. He was the worst. Ugh I don’t even want to type it out. I hated him so much.

My only qualm in the story is about Maryanne.


Catherine honestly treats Maryanne like absolute shit. Now I get her anger over ratting out Jest and not bothering to listen to her about Peter and his wife directly afterwards. What I DON’T understand is why she even goes back to save her. SHE KNOWS going through a door is sealing Jest’s fate. The book addresses this, CATHERINE THINKS IT HERSELF. She knows going back to save Maryanne could condemn Jest to death. I mean you have to be a raging moron if you think you’re going to leave, tell your boyfriend to stay behind and go after an axe-murderer by yourself with no weapons. I can’t think Catherine is so stupidly delusional to think Jest WOULDN’T FOLLOW HER THROUGH THAT DOOR. She was given a choice between Maryanne and Jest and she chose Maryanne. WHO SHE THEN IMMEDIATELY HATES FOREVER, never forgives, thinks Maryanne should have died instead and blames forever for Jest’s death. THIS is my qualm. WHY EVEN GO BACK TO SAVE HER? She was already mad at her and the fates already promised if she went through a door, Jest would die. People will probably say she wanted to save them both but BULLSHIT. Their friendship was clearly too fragile for that kind of decision as we can see by Catherine’s treatment of Maryanne after she “betrays her” and then makes the whole decision a huge regret as Maryanne and Catherine’s friendship does not survive Jest’s death. This is where I get confused. She says it’s not worth the risk of Jest’s death, AND THEN IMMEDIATELY TAKES SAID RISK. Maryanne would have been better off eaten by the Jabberwock then haunted forever by her ruined friendship with Catherine and probably hating herself for the rest of her life. I was most disappointed with Catherine’s treatment of her, and the shit end of the stick Maryanne received.

That ending was so powerful. Everything ties together and I certainly hope we get more from the Wonderland world from Marissa Meyer.


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